Why online courses work better than live events

online courses Apr 13, 2020

Why Online courses work better than live events.

Better for the attendees and audiences

Online courses can have a deeper impact on people’s lives than attending a one-day workshop, where a lot of the theory and the amount of content goes over people’s heads. Most one-day courses are about 4-5 hours of content. People forget up to 90% of the content if it is not recalled more than once.


Most people leave the event or classroom and are immediately consumed with travelling plans and checking messages and emails and never get the course material or their notes out again. Therefore 70% forget the material within 24 hours and after one week it rises to 90%[1]. Most experts want to transform people’s lives, they want their mentees to get results. Your online course can have a deeper impact than a 60-minute keynote speech. You can build in repetition in your course to help your students learn your content.


Many offline courses struggle to retain students...

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